Explain and differentiate the communication protocol

Communication protocols are a set of guidelines that devices and systems follow to transmit and receive information. They are essential for effective and efficient communication between devices and systems. There are several types of communication protocols used in modern technology, each designed for a specific purpose. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the most …

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What is a Research?

Research is a crucial element of any successful business, as it helps to inform decisions, determine customer needs, and develop new products and services. Research involves collecting and analyzing data to gain insights that can help inform business decisions. It is an important tool for businesses to understand their customers, the market, and their competitors. …

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What is a Presentation?

Are you looking for ways to engage your audience and share your ideas effectively? Presentation is one of the most powerful tools to do that. Presentations are used in a variety of fields, from business to education, to help deliver ideas in an engaging and memorable way. Presentations are used to explain, inform, or persuade. …

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What is an Assignment?

An assignment is a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a larger project or job. It usually requires a student to demonstrate their understanding of a subject matter or to complete a task within a given timeframe. Assignments are typically given to students as part of their coursework and can …

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